Does your gut tell you...

We Are Being PIMPED!

By Our Politicians, Professors, and Pundits?

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Be careful when you hear them say...

Poverty is rising!
Inequalities are unjust!
The Middle Class is shrinking!
Pay is flat and unfair!
Educational results are improving!
The Dream is dead and dying!

It's All A Distortion of the Truth...

It Is Completely Misguided!

If you care about our nation’s big socioeconomic issues, you will love this book. Pimping The Poor upends conventional wisdom and dismantles dogma. It is the overdue deep dive and conclusive analysis. This convincing new work identifies the real roots to our biggest problems, and then outlines a series of innovative solutions.

Are The Experts, Once Again, Blind To The Obvious?

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All I Am Offering Is The Truth...

My name is Dave Cary, founder of the new All American Movement, and author to a set of sure to be controversial new books. Like you, I am a concerned citizen, who sees fundamental problems in the “pseudo-solutions” offered by both sides of the aisle. 

I never expected to get involved in these matters.  I thought coaching kids would be my way of paying it forward.  Unfortunately, in the past decade or so, I have seen our local schools completely fail, our city government file for bankruptcy, The Great Recession and a global pandemic devastate millions…and closer to home, almost a dozen hoopsters we coached get shot by other teens, in separate incidents…with one sadly, even killed.

I have had enough.  I have been all-in for some time now; quietly applying smarter troubleshooting tools to our nation’s biggest problems. It is clear to me now our leaders have either seriously misdiagnosed the root causes to our problems, or they purposely misguide and divide us, no matter who, or how many, it hurts. 
It is time to share what I have learned. There are real solutions, but the proposals of the Left and Right, take us nowhere. This book will completely change the way you look at these issues.  You will never view what you see in the news, the same way ever again.   I believe it will motivate you to speak up and get involved.  Together, we can absolutely IMPACT these issues.  I hope you will choose to learn more and join us on an All American Adventure!
Dave Cary
“I’ve had enough of someone else’s propaganda. I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it is for, or against.”
– Malcolm X

America's Spin Doctors Are

Misdiagnosing What Ails Us

Doctors know a misdiagnosis can be fatal. You cannot cure a chronic illness without first correctly identifying the root cause of a symptom. A proper diagnosis is vital to providing a healing prescription. 

It is a lesson lost on America’s political Ph.Ds. They get excited about creating each day’s crisis, and too quickly jump from symptom to pseudo-solution, without even understanding the underlying cause.

Our so-called experts band aid cancers and radiate scratches. This is why our country’s chronic conditions fester and spread. The cures to today’s biggest socioeconomic problems are not complicated. They are straight forward and logical, but only when the true sources of these ailments are correctly identified. Pimping the Poor is the first work to deliver a proper diagnosis and lasting cures.

This book offers a superior analysis. It clears the confusion, isolates the roots and dispenses the right prescriptions to our most concerning, and most divisive matters.

It is an eye-opening read. The further you go, the more you will wonder how the newsmakers mistake what is made so obvious in this book.

The Cure?

A Pandemic of Principle!

Some of the things you will discover, include:

Solutions Not Socialism!

“A lie told often enough, becomes truth.”
– Vladimir Lenin

Our politicians, professors and pundits imply the sky is falling, and insinuate the American Apocalypse is at hand. The say our economic system is inferior, unfair and unjust. If that were not enough, we are also told daily that our country is inherently rigged and racist. 

Our nation has serious problems to solve, but this is not the way upward.  Their frightening view of the world makes us doubt what we have in common, and what is good about our people and our country. This ignites animosity and gets us to make terrible decisions, based mostly on emotions instead of reason, or what is best for all.

If their actions were harmless, I would not care. Unfortunately, their policies and programs do great damage to the people I care about: our kids, the poor, and the middle class. Each side looks for who to blame, instead of what to fix. The Left condemns one set of citizens, the Right another. Politically, it is powerful, but it gets us nowhere.

When it comes to problem solving, both sides merely scan the surface. They rarely peel away the onion. Like witch doctors, they propose cures, with no understanding of the real source of the infection. Their prescriptions poison because their analysis is flawed. All this keeps us from impacting the things we really need to address, issues like educational failure, and how to maximize prosperity for all.

If any of these claims – much less all of them together – were true, I too would be wondering if it were time for a “new economic system.” Instead, I wrote this contrarian book, Pimping The Poor, to share with people better ways to brighter days.

The direction we take, matters. Today’s choices impact the future. We will either propagate poverty or deliver abundant prosperity to All Americans. The right path begins with a crystal-clear analysis of the root causes to these issues, and ends with a set of logical, innovative solutions that will absolutely help everyone live better.

If you are ready to impact our nation’s chronic socioeconomic problems, and tired of swaying back and forth between the failed programs of the Left and the Right; I encourage you to study this book, get involved and help our people soar in a new direction, UP!

Pimping The Poor

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Pimping The Poor includes over 100 graphs, tables and images to help readers see for themself how badly we are misdiagnosing the roots to our biggest problems. It is much easier to understand this information in color. So, while the book is available in black and white hardcover and paperback versions; you will get more out of the experience by selecting either our full color hard cover, or pdf eBook. Enjoy!

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